Reviewed and links updated in December 2020.

The best way to find your answer is to head straight to the Beryl Ivey Library homepage to access Omni.  Once you’re in Omni, select “Journal Search” from the top navigation bar, and type in the exact name of the journal (including all the “ands” and “the’s”, etc).  

If your journal appears in the results list, or if the library record opens, then you know Western or the affiliates subscribes to  the journal currently, or has subscribed to the journal in the past.

If the journal doesn’t appear in the list, you’re sure you’ve typed it in correctly, and you get a screen like the one below, we do not have a subscription.

You’re not stuck at this point, though.  See the blog post on interlibrary loan, or ask a library staff member for more help!

This post was written by Heather Campbell on February 8th, 2018.