What is “citation linker” on Western Libraries’ website?

You may have stumbled across citation linker while poking around.

Citation Linker is intended to be a quick way to find a full-text journal article without having to go into a database.   So, if you’ve written down a citation, if your professor has given you reading to do, or if you’ve found a citation somewhere else, this is a quick way to find the full journal article you’re looking for.

Pros: it often works and it’s fast.  Hooray!

Cons: Sometimes it doesn’t work and that’s frustrating.  Boo.  Like all technology, this feature is not fool-proof.  (Some of this relates to the limitations of the E-Journals feature, which you can read about in another blog post.)

To use Citation Linker, head to the Beryl Ivey Library homepage and find the link under the search box (in the middle of the screen).  Fill in the form that appears on the next screen (i.e. article title, journal title, volume, issue, page numbers).  You’ll noticed that the author’s name isn’t essential, but the other information is.

A new window will open: if Citation Linker has worked, one of two screens will appear.

1) A Get it @ Western screen will open, with the words “Full Text” near the top of the screen (see example below).  To get your article, just click the “Go” button underneath “Full Text” (in my example, it’s to the right of the year, volume, issue and page information).

2) The other window that might open looks like the image below.  In this case, you’ll need to select the journal you’re looking for by clicking on its title.  Once you do that, the window example from above will show up.

It’s up to you whether you use this service: I personally don’t find that it always works for me, but then I’m old and stuck in my ways.  If you would like an alternative to citation linker, though, you can try typing in your article title into Summon or using Summon’s Advanced Search feature.