Is the Canadian Community Health Survey available online?

Yes!  You can access this information online thanks to the Data Liberation Initiative, the government’s way of providing statistical data to post-secondary institutions.

For the CCHS survey data:

  1. Head to the main Statistics Canada website
  2. Choose the “Key Resource” tab near the bottom of the screen
  3. Choose “CANSIM” under the Data tables heading
  4. Click the “Survey” Tab in the middle of the screen
  5. Scroll down to the Canadian Community Health Survey.  You’ll notice that there is also a “Nutrition” option, if you prefer (click the title to access)

Once you’re into the survey, you have a few choices:

  1. To find how people responded to the survey: read the Titles of the different tables available and then click the Table Number (i.e. 105-2002) next to the Title you want.  Once you’re in, you can create a customized table of the data (see a library staff member if you need assistance here)
  2. To look at the  questionnaire itself: click the Survey Number next to the title of the survey at the top of the screen (in this case, it’s 5049).  There’s lots of other neat information here, too

For the CCHS Cycle 2.2, Nutrition (2004) Nutrient Intake data release, make sure to visit:

Foods and Nutrition students may also be interested in:

Articles on Canadians’ Food and Nutrient Intakes – Canadian Community Health Survey, Cycle 2.2, Nutrition (2004)

I need statistical information: where do I go?!

Updated November, 2016

The best place to go for Canadian statistical information is Statistics Canada.  This website has received a major face lift over the last year or two, and is slightly more user-friendly as a result.

Statistics Canada is now providing census, socioeconomic, and geographic data for free. CANSIM is a key socioeconomic database that is updated daily. From the CANSIM homepage, you can either search by keyword, or you can try browsing by subject or survey. The advanced search option will allow you to be more specific in your search.

If you are searching for census or geographic data, you can search the main Statistic’s Canada page.

  • Enter a keyword into the “Search Website” space at the top right corner of the main StatsCan page. If you want to narrow down your search, choose “Advanced Search” – this will help you find what you’re looking for more quickly.
  • You can also try browsing by subject from the bottom of the main StatsCan page.


If you need statistical information on a country other than Canada, the principal is the same: find the governmental branch that collects statistics (or at least the census) and look for a search feature.

The United States, though, doesn’t have a central government agency that collects statistics.  Instead, you can use the following sites:

  • FedStats: breaks down available statistical information by subject. Also includes MapStats, where you can search for stats by geography, and much much more!
  • US Census Bureau: the typical information you’d find from a census
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis: for economic data

Thank you to Jeff Moon of Queens University for his assistance with this post!