In a perfect world, our computers would format, cite, and, for some of us, write, our paper for us with zero manual work involved whatsoever. In reality, our computers tend to create more work by messing up our formatting, deleting our work, or making it nearly impossible to find out how to cite a YouTube video (don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here).


Computers can leave us feeling a little…frustrated, am I right?

A popular question we’ve had lately has been about good old APA Style, with students wanting to know how to create an APA running title header.

Have no fear, it’s a lot easier than you think! Below is a step-by-step guide to creating an APA running title header using Word 2016. The location of each step may vary slightly from each version of Word, but all of the features below should be available.

Step One: Select the “Insert” tab

Step One.png

Step Two: Select the Page Number option, NOT Header or Footer

Step Two.PNG

Step Three: In the dropdown menu, hover over the “Top of Page” option, where another dropdown menu will appear. From here select the option that features a number in the top right hand corner. In this instance it is called “Plain Number 3”.

Step Three.PNG

Step Four: The header will appear as so with #1 highlighted.

Step Four.PNG

Step Five: In the Design tab, check off the “Different First Page” box.

Step Five.PNG

Step Six: The header will appear as blank. From here you will write the name of your title after the caption RUNNING HEADER: (for example RUNNING HEADER: How to Create an APA Header). You will also manually type in the number 1 to ensure it is included on your first page, since the second page will automatically begin at page 2.

Step Six.PNG

Step Seven: Scroll down to your second page, where you will double click onto the header. As you will notice, it will begin at page two. Here you will enter in the title of your paper and hit tab until the title has moved over to the left hand side of the paper. It will automatically populate the remaining headers of the paper with this title and the correlating page number.

Step Seven.PNG