Now you need to find information for that paper!  Where do you go?  The library should be your first place to go, not your last resort! Beryl Ivey Library has lots of resources for you to use when you are doing your research. You also have access to all that Western Libraries has to offer.

THERE IS A VERY IMPORTANT FIRST STEP! Before you start, you must check out our Research Guides! These guides make ‘finding information’ in your discipline so much less painful! The research guides will give you specific information about helpful resources in your subject area, including potential keywords, links to useful journals, and other reference materials.You can also check out the Research Guides at Western Libraries.

Boolean Operators are critical pieces to the information seeking process. In the databases, Boolean Operators can help retrieve articles specific to your question!! Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) are very powerful search features and will save you loads of time! To learn more about the effective use of Boolean, go to the CleverResearcher blog entry on Boolean.

We have yet MORE Search Tips!

  • If you want to search for an exact phrase or term, use quotation marks. This is really helpful if you are using Summon, or Google Scholar.
    e. “type 1 diabetes”
  • Truncation helps you to search for different forms of a word. Put an asterisk* on the end of a root word. This will retrieve all the words that include the letters before the asterisk.
    e. lead* will get you lead, leader, leaders, leadership, leading, etc.
  • Brackets tell a database to search for everything inside the brackets before moving on to the next word (just like BEDMAS in math). They are helpful to use if you have a lot of synonyms. If you are using brackets, read the blog posting on Boolean before proceeding.
    e (type 1 diabetes OR juvenile diabetes OR diabetes) AND (diet OR nutrition)

Don’t forget to stay organized!! You may want to try to organize your resources as you go – we recommend using programs like Zotero or Mendeley. These free reference manager programs make managing all your information much easier.
Check out the start-up guides for Zotero and Mendeley!