Reviewed and links updated in August 2019

Update: Western Libraries as provided a compatibility chart that you can use to see if a specific e-book format will be compatible with your device. If you have trouble with downloading an e-book, please check this chart.

Unfortunately, the simple answer is “maybe, sort-of.”  Brescia and the other campus libraries receive their eBooks from a variety of different publishers, meaning they’re not compatible with every e-reader.

A few librarians at Western have put together a LibGuide (webpage) to deal with this issue.  As the webpage says: “Most of the eBooks at your library are downloadable to a mobile device, whether an eReader, smartphone, or tablet. However, figuring out which device will work with which eBooks, and how much of an eBook is downloadable is not always easy. Various eBook collections come in different formats, which work with different devices. Also each collection has its own restrictions in terms of how much of the book can be downloaded” (Forbes, Jewell, Lupton, & Taylor, 2012).

To learn more about General FAQs about e-books through Scholars Portal, visit their FAQ page. Their website in general has useful information too when it comes to accessing e-books!